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ABS Suite helped with the client's ability to grow and expand their deal issuance

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April 9, 2021
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We helped this auto issuer address the ability to grow and expand their deal issuance while adding operational efficiency and controls.

Key Client Objectives

Client was looking to implement a securitization platform for support of its global issuance program. In particular, client was seeking a provider with a global footprint that could support complex structures, offer significant flexibility and improve administrative efficiency and security.

Key Drivers: 

  • Enable administrative efficiency, security and proper operational controls
  • Manage front office functions, including corporate Treasury objectives, while simultaneously granting the local financial services teams the ability to run collateral, forecasting and investor reports
  • A standardized solution that could be rolled out to each local entity and have the flexibility to support each groups’ needs
  • The ability to support diverse deal structures with flexibility to quickly react to market trends

The Solution

ABS Suite addressed the client's ability to grow and expand their deal issuance while adding operational efficiency and controls

Support new deals efficiently
Allowed for the replication of deal issuance structures to reuse for new issuances, simplifying and shortening the process

Segregation of duties
Ability to permission various application screens and processes to allow the segregation of administrative functions between corporate Treasury and the local business units

Responsive partner
Moody’s depth of knowledge and extensive industry experience helps Client not only with system configuration but also business expertise when rolling out a new region

Enabled faster reconciliation and validation
Configured a library of automated supporting reports to facilitate daily/monthly reconciliation process; saving hours of manual  work

Manual inputs replaced by automation
Established automated processes for automating information saving time and reducing errors

Enhanced overall governance and controls
Operational infrastructure with audit logs, approvals and controls now satisfies stringent compliance requirements

About ABS Suite Plus

ABS Suite Plus is the industry leading solution for end to end structured finance administration, accounting, funding optimization and analytics. The Administration Module tackles control, automation and secure operational processes while Capital Markets Module is built for optimized funding decisions, analytics and ad-hoc analyses.

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