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ABS Suite provided full business process automation in a controlled, auditable environment for maximum impact

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April 9, 2021
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We helped this residential mortgage issuer build their full business process automation in a controlled, auditable environment.

Key Client Objectives

Client was embarking on its initial issuance in the residential mortgage market and desired an automated administration solution from the start. The priorities were automation and administrative efficiency in a highly controlled environment.

Key Drivers: 

  • Workflow automation for the consumption of inbound collateral data files from source systems
  • System to automate the selection of eligible assets for pooling purposes, along with the associated stratification analytics
  • Automate daily settlement and monthly investor reporting
  • Generate XML files for ESMA regulatory reporting

The Solution

ABS Suite provided full business process automation in a controlled, auditable environment leading to significant operational efficiencies, improved transparency and proper governance and controls

Fully documented process
Developed key documents required for proper controls and audit requirements, including interface

Full business process automation from the import of multiple collateral data files to producing investor and regulatory reports

Complex collateral processing
Leveraged system tools to fully automate all asset level calculations which removed potential for manual calculation errors

Randomized asset selection
Leveraged the system’s pooling capabilities to fully automate the top up process in line with deal specific eligibility criteria and compliance rules while ensuring randomization of selection as required by regulatory bodies

Improved transparency
Enabled the ability to analyze portfolio composition and monitor key performance metrics and trends

Enhanced overall governance and controls
Operational infrastructure with audit logs, approvals and controls now satisfies stringent compliance requirements

About ABS Suite Plus

ABS Suite Plus is the industry leading solution for end to end structured finance administration, accounting, funding optimization and analytics. The Administration Module tackles control, automation and secure operational processes while Capital Markets Module is built for optimized funding decisions, analytics and ad-hoc analyses.

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