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ABS Suite increases Operational Efficiency by over 30% resulting in significant cost savings

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April 9, 2021
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We helped this credit card issuer with 17 series across 2 master trusts address their business challenges.

Key Client Objectives

Client was looking to add efficiency, control and automation to its largely manual securitization reporting, cash and accounting processes and presented with the following major requirements:

  • Desire for better internal controls and validations
  • Replacement of Excel driven reporting processes for:
    – Cash settlement
    – Investor reports
    – Accounting entries
  • Elimination of manual notifications for movement of cash

The Solution

ABS Suite not only increased operational efficiency by over 30% but also improved internal controls and added scalability

Automated investor reporting process
All calculation logic configured in the platform resulting in automated production of reports and cash settlements and more confidence in the accuracy of results

Created fully automated process for monthly accounting close
All journal entries fully automated including direct feed to general ledger system

Replaced manual processes for bank wire instructions with business process automation
All payment instructions fully automated with email notifications, approvals and task assignments

Enabled faster reconciliation and validation
Configured a library of automated supporting reports to facilitate daily/monthly reconciliation process

Manual inputs replaced by automation
Established automated processes for automating the majority of information saving time and reducing errors

Enhanced overall governance and controls
Operational infrastructure with audit logs, approvals and controls now satisfies stringent compliance requirements

About ABS Suite Plus

ABS Suite Plus is the industry leading solution for end to end structured finance administration, accounting, funding optimization and analytics. The Administration Module tackles control, automation and secure operational processes while Capital Markets Module is built for optimized funding decisions, analytics and ad-hoc analyses.

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