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Supporting the full spectrum of structured finance issuance requirements

See how our custom-tailored, flexible and scalable solutions add value for Issuers, Warehouse Borrowers, Trustees and Lenders


  • Investor Reporting
  • Collateral Servicing
  • Cash Management
  • Regulatory Reporting


  • Funding Optimization
  • Pool Selection
  • Static Pool & Vintage Analysis
  • Forecasting
  • Securitization Readiness
  • System Audit
  • Portfolio Exposure Review
  • Model Validation & Document Review

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The Securitization Industry Standard

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Issuers & Warehouse Borrowers

Supports the full spectrum of structured finance issuance requirements, enables operational efficiency, eliminates risk, improves deal execution and reduces costs.

Faster Execution

Provides the ability for the business to come to market with new deals or modify existing ones without support from IT or 3rd party staff; adding massive efficiency and significantly reducing internal costs.

Funding Optimization

Optimizes the collateral pool associated with both warehouse and term funding thereby enabling firms to achieve the most efficient cost of capital.


Fully automates the complex reporting requirements introduced by term, warehouse and covered bond issuance.

Real Time Data Analysis

Enables ad-hoc analysis to allow business users to quickly address internal and third party deal performance queries.


Built to support structured finance programs of all shapes and sizes from first time Issuers to those spanning multiple asset classes and deals.

Risk Mitigation

Designed to reduce the risk of traditional spreadsheet processes which tend to be "owned" by key individuals while enabling business user capabilities in a controlled, auditable environment.
Built to help


Provides Trustees with a customizable data architecture along with a flexible deal modeling tool to support even the most complex structured finance structures your clients require.

Risk Mitigation

Protects from the inherent challenges and risk of error associated with an outdated or manual infrastructure thereby substantially lowering the business risks inherent in servicing clients.

Operational Efficiency

Provides a powerful, efficient, easy to use infrastructure to support the complex demands of Trustees in the structured finance market. Embedded, structured finance specific features reduce the time to set up new clients and their requisite deals and reporting requirements.


A value proposition for Trustees of all sizes; our solutions can start and grow with you as your client base and asset class expertise evolves and increases in scale.

Improved Value Proposition

Having an infrastructure backed by the leading industry player provides current and future clients with comfort and can help eliminate operational concerns raised during the client engagement process.
Built to help


Provides Warehouse Lenders with a tool to automate the ingestion and normalization of pledge pool data while supporting portfolio surveillance, facility monitoring and compliance and borrowing base validation.

Improved Lending Execution

Enables faster response times on borrowing requests by improving visibility into borrower collateral and automating borrowing base reconciliation.

Risk Mitigation

Provides a controlled, auditable infrastructure for managing complex warehouse facilities thereby reducing the risk associated with traditional spreadsheet processes.

Better Control

Minimizes the risk of over-advancing due to inaccurate borrowing base calculations while also identifying data consistency issues across reporting periods.


Provides automation for complex warehouse administration and reporting requirements.


Supports lending programs of all sizes ranging from institutions with a simple single facility to those with hundreds of complex relationships spanning multiple asset classes.


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