Manager Module

A modern, comprehensive solution to managing, analyzing and reporting on CLOs, BDCs, SMAs and other types of related issuance

Built for:
Asset Managers
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A powerful SaaS offering combined with best in class service and expertise

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Advisory Services

  • Deal documentation review
  • Data analysis
  • Output and reporting requirements
  • Data ingestion and mapping
  • Initial portfolio setup
  • Indenture compliance modeling
  • Customized reporting

System Implementation

Support &

  • New issuance modeling
  • Ongoing product enhancements


The Manager Module provides users with detailed information on the status of each compliance test including drill through details to aid in the reconciliation process
Users are able to propose hypothetical trades in real-time and instantaneously view the potential impact across the entire portfolio
Pre-canned and ad-hoc reporting within and across deals are available to understand performance, review exposures and analyze potential risks.
Optimizer delivers recommended buy/sell recommendations by blending Moody’s proprietary algorithms with an industry-leading solver which considers compliance, liquidity scores, trading costs and other variables. It supports myriad scenarios such as portfolio rebalancing, par build and ramp-up and integrates with OMS and other downstream systems to provide rapid, actionable outcomes.

Benefits for the front, middle and back office

Streamlined Operations

Fully integrated capabilities built for the entirety of the firm allow portfolio managers, traders and operations analysts to unite on a single platform addressing each of their workflow requirements.

Real Time Compliance

The industry’s most powerful compliance engine returns results in seconds including detailed visibility into how each test is calculated.

Generate Powerful Analytics

A dynamic user interface provides key insights into portfolio, deal, and asset level metrics.

Complements existing operations

With a flexible suite of data ingestion options, including direct cloud connectivity, APIs, and SFTPs, the Manager Module leverages data and information from your existing systems.


Scalable, cloud-based technology supports collateral managers of all sizes and deal growth expectations.

Automates Borrowing Base Calculations

Leveraging compliance rules, eligibility criteria and advance rates, Manager Module automates all aspects of the borrowing base saving time and helping eliminate errors inherent in traditional manual, excel driven processes.

Analyze hypothetical trades and compliance results in real-time

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Manager Module releases

May 31, 2024
Version 24.05
April 26, 2024
Version 24.04
March 22, 2024
Version 24.03
February 23, 2024
Version 24.02
January 26, 2024
Version 24.01
March 31, 2023
Version 22.03
January 4, 2022
Version 21.12
June 30, 2021
Version 21.06
April 5, 2021
Version 21.3.3
March 5, 2021
Version 21.3.2
February 5, 2021
Version 21.3.1