Captures consistent, comparable and reliable environmental and social data at a granular level

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Designed to capture consistent, comparable and reliable environmental and social data at a granular level for the auto finance market.

Carbon emissions, smog and other data points vary by a myriad of vehicle characteristics including make, model, year and trim.

Moody’s Analytics ABS ESG incorporates these items and returns several environmental and social data fields which are relevant for ESG related reporting and analysis on auto securitizations.

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A singular method to retrieve environmental and social information

Granular matching algorithm

ABS ESG is built to enable granular analysis by automating the complex process of accurately matching loan level data with critical environmental information from trusted sources. Source loan data is enriched with vehicle specific information including powertrain characteristics and trim information obtained through a VIN lookup. The resulting information is used to return environmental fields for the specific vehicle and not just the average by across all corresponding variants for the year, make, and model of the vehicle.

Consistent, reliable, comparable data

ABS ESG provides users with critical environmental and social data , at the vehicle level, which can be used for analysis, decision-making and/or downstream reporting. Key data points include greenhouse gas score, expected petroleum usage, carbon dioxide emissions, crash ratings and more.

Additionally, it accounts for different naming conventions across data providers to produce consistent results.

Providing data to inform confident decision making

Evolving Standards

Moody’s is a part of the evolving discussion on Auto ESG reporting requirements. This allows us to adjust to evolving reporting requirements quicker and in a more comprehensive manner.

Consistent Execution

Provides a standard and consistent method to retrieve EPA’s environmental and NHTSA’s safety information at a vehicle level.

Provides critical footnote information relevant for disclosures in cases where partial matches are achieved

Delivering Results

Proprietary algorithm leverages a VIN lookup process to utilize vehicle trim and powertrain information to provide results with additional granularity.

Increased Efficiency

Bulk upload and download functionality significantly reduces any manual efforts required.

Actively Maintained

Algorithm is continuously updated for evolving reporting requirements and new sources of available information (model name normalization, EV battery disposal, upstream emissions, etc.).

Rigorous Testing

Algorithm is continuously tested against publicly available vehicle information to improve data retrieval percentages and updated to provide most granular level of information.

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