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An industry leading solution for end to end structured finance administration, accounting, funding optimization and analytics

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Increases operational efficiency, mitigates risk and automates the manual processes associated with structured finance transactions

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Faster Execution

Enables the business to come to market with new deals or modify existing ones without support from IT or 3rd party staff; adding massive efficiency and significantly reducing internal costs.

Performance Transparency

Ad-hoc analysis enables business users to quickly address internal and third party deal performance queries.

Optimized Funding

Optimizes the collateral pool associated with both warehouse and term funding thereby enabling firms to achieve the most efficient cost of capital.


Built to support structured finance programs of all shapes and sizes from first time Issuers to those spanning multiple asset classes and deals.

Automation & Operational Efficiency

Powerful, efficient, easy-to-use infrastructure to support the complex demands of Issuers and Trustees in the structured finance market including full automation of the complex reporting requirements introduced by term, warehouse and covered bond issuance.

Risk Mitigation

Designed to reduce the risk of traditional spreadsheet processes which tend to be "owned" by key individuals while enabling business user capabilities in a controlled, auditable environment.

Core business capabilities

Collateral Management & Servicing

Fully automates all of the collateral management and servicing requirements introduced by structured finance transactions and bridges the gap between the obligor’s perspective of the data and what is required to be reported to investors or other third parties.

Cash Management
Deal Structuring
Investor Reporting
Regulatory Reporting
Structured Finance Accounting
Workflow Tools
Funding Optimization
Cash Flows
Domain-Specific Data Business Intelligence
Static Pool Analysis


Designed for control, automation and secure operational processes

Capital Markets

Built for optimized funding decisions, analytics and ad-hoc analyses

Designed for control, automation and secure operational processes

Collateral Import

Built to handle the complex data requirements inherent in structured finance reporting, the Collateral Import module allows users to import data from various source systems and perform myriad data calculations, transformations, normalizations and validations in a fully automated and controlled fashion.

Collateral Servicing

Properly managing structured finance transactions requires automating deal or trust specific calculations not only on the liability side but also the asset or collateral side of the deal. This includes producing the “asset-backed” values and fields required to generate the investors' view of information. This complex process is fully automated by the Collateral Servicing module which is designed to bridge the gap between the data as reported on source systems and that required for reporting to investors and other third parties.

Does the Collateral Import module offer flexible configuration options?


The Accounting module is built to hold the books of structured finance vehicles while avoiding systems modifications to existing general ledger processes. It is designed to automate the generation of accounting entries and seamlessly interface with existing general ledger systems.

What are the components of Investor Reporting?
Does the Accounting module have the ability to interface with multiple ledger systems?
Does the Accounting module include a user-defined accounting entry definition?
Does the Accounting module support reversing entries?

Payment Management

The Payment Management module automates both trust and collateral related payment instructions .. In addition to automation, configurable approval workflows enable users to review, approve and commit; which ultimately supports payment transmission to the applicable parties for settlement.

XML Reporter

The XML Reporter module allows the user to comply with the reporting guidelines as required by the regulatory agencies as a part of their oversight policies. Key features include the ability to upload regulatory XML schemas and map application data points to required fields in the schema, compression and encryption of results files, and supports ESMA, RBA Reporting, SEC Reg ABII reporting requirements.

Collateral Forecast

The Collateral Forecast module works hand in hand with the Transaction Forecast module and is designed for organizations who want to generate assumption-based cash flow scenarios at the loan, aggregate, or rep line level.

Transaction Forecast

The Transaction Forecast module, which works in conjunction with Collateral Forecast is used to generate the impact on a deal structure of one or many forecast scenarios. Results typically include the calculation and/or confirmation of risk retention levels, valuations of deal related assets or components and more.

What can the results of the Collateral Forecast module be used for?

Built for optimized funding decisions, analytics and ad-hoc analyses


The Insight module is designed as a tool for business users to perform ad-hoc, on the fly data analysis. It can be leveraged on a stand-alone basis or as a complement to the information calculated through the Collateral Import and Collateral Servicing modules.


The Funding module provides powerful capabilities related to the asset selection and funding process for term securitizations, warehouse lines, whole loan sales, conduits, REITS, government pledge pools and more. The Funding module takes the “pool selection” process to a new level and drastically reduces the number of manual funding steps required by most systems while also offering the only pre-packaged solver engine in the structured finance market.

Does the Insight module perform cohort analysis?
Does the Insight module provide stratification reporting?
Does the Insight module include static pool or vintage analysis?
What type of funding optimizations are included with the Funding module?
What kind or funding views are available?
How does the Funding module take the “pool selection” process to a new level?
What type of calculations does the Funding module provide?


Built to structure even the most complex of structures quickly, the Waterfall module is designed for users who are looking to set up warehouse, term or other transaction types, and, in conjunction with the Forecast module, project performance under multiple scenarios.


Seamlessly integrated with the Funding and Waterfall modules and engineered to generate powerful analytics on actual or hypothetical pools and myriad structures, the Forecasting module is ideal for business users looking to run multiple scenarios and analyze results under varying economic conditions.

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April 4, 2024
Version 4.1
December 5, 2023
Version 3.4
August 7, 2023
Version 3.3
July 26, 2023
Version 3.2.2
May 30, 2023
Version 3.2
February 15, 2023
Version 3.1
December 1, 2022
Version 2.3
August 4, 2022
Version 2.2
May 4, 2022
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January 24, 2022
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